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why write
 Why do I keep thinking that I must write something worthy of being published?

In every news article I've read about authors and their writing process, it all boils down to one thing: keep writing. Doesn't matter what the subject matter is, just do it, and do it, and then do it some more, and maybe one day BLAM-O you'll have enough material to finish that novel. But with the internet being what it is, I have this irrational belief that anything I write MUST be posted and will be judged by the higher powers that be (aka the fanfic and meta writers...seriously, I envy their ability to decipher characters so deftly). And god forbid that I should be bunched with those worthless bloggers who post about their ~feelings~ and then post it onto facebook for everyone to see. I don't know if you can transmit discomfort over the internet, but god I do hope those people can sense some of my secondhand embarrassment. Ok, I'm being incredibly mean; everyone deserves to have his/her voice heard, and the internet is a safe place where one can just let it out (let it aaaaaaaaaall out) without fear of being rejected or humiliated. And who cares about the mean comments left by anonymous people anyway? It's usually just like middle school drama -- pointless, catty, and grammatically incorrect. You would have to be an idiot to pay attention to any of that. 

But to have your writing left untouched and uncommented-on by the bowels of the internet is a pretty heavy blow. It's like having someone say they're passing up your shit for some even shittier shit dumped by a pointless, catty, and grammatically incorrect middle schooler. It just hurts, you know? People go on the internet because connecting with other human beings on a physical level is an awkward and exhausting business, and no one really likes sitting through 10-second lulls in conversations. So you talk to people on the internet, and suddenly you're finding friends who stan Ron/Hermione just as hard as you do, who make snarky and witty comments on all things pop culture, who love to take gorgeous photographs and make things and modestly deny their quirky brilliance. To witness all this camaraderie between these self-professed loners stings to those of us who write the words but continue to live in internet obscurity. 

In summation: why write, if no one is there to listen? 


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