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chocolate chip cookies
 Tried out a new chocolate chip cookie recipe from David Lebovitz's cookbook "Ready for Dessert". Chocolate chip cookies don't exactly have a reputation for being the most difficult of baked goods, but they are undeniably delicious. I had been using the same recipe for about 6 years (it's from some old Costco cookbook that I gave to my mom for Christmas...I'm pretty sure the chocolate chip cookies are the only things we've ever made from it) before I decided it was high time that I try something new. You know, out with the old, in with the new! Carpe diem! Just do it! YEAH! Ok, ok, so this new recipe isn't exactly revolutionizing the world (although sending some milk + cookies over to our elected representatives in D.C. could be just the thing to end this paralyzing stalemate and finally get our country back in order. It is physically impossible to hate someone with a cookie in one hand and a cold glass of milk in the other. Unless that person is Voldemort, in which case you're screwed anyway) but it is pretty darn delicious. Here's what makes them so special:

- Chocolate chunks!!! Oh yeah, these babies aren't your average little Ghiradelli chocolate chips. Apparently, chocolate chips are designed to resist melting. I'm guessing this is for appearance purposes (?), but I personally can't understand why someone would actively work to prevent the chocolate-oozing process. Anyway, all I had to do was get some bittersweet baking chocolate from Trader Joe's, chop it into bite-sized chunks, and boom, you have chocolate pieces that will melt faster than you can say "But I like using chocolate chips! Why do I have to do this extra step?! Someone stop this madness!"

- Nuts!!! I like my nuts, ok. I like them toasted, I like them raw, I like them sweet, I like them salty, I like them all. Nuts, nuts, nuts. Yup.

- One. Stick. Of butter. This really needs no other explanation. 

Other than that, I would say it's a pretty standard chocolate chip cookie recipe. Everyone has his or her favorites, but I think this one will serve me well for the next couple of years. Now, please excuse me while I go grab a cookie. All this talking has made me hungry.

~STOP! Cookie time~

Back! Ah, what else did I want to mention? Oh right, I went on a hike to the Hollywood yesterday with my old middle school/high school friends. When we arrived at the trailhead, my Indian friend noticed a huge gathering of Asian Americans gearing up to go on the same hike. Being an Asian American myself, my first thought was F***! Now those hot French/Spanish/European/etc. tourists are going to think we're all part of some Asian youth Christian group, and they're going to whisper to each other in their fancy languages that we all look the same, and goddammit why did I decide to get side bangs again like every other Asian girl on the planet!

What can I say, I'm a shallow girl at heart.  


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